Choose underfloor heating by the room you intend to heat.

underfloor heating by the room

Choosing underfloor heating by room takes away any guess work. Underfloor heating can be confusing, with mats of different wattage’s and loose wire systems. Which should you use for your project? To help you we have listed the rooms. Simply choose the room you intend to heat and follow the correct (by room) advice.

Our loose wire system is more flexible and easier to install in smaller areas, so naturally bathrooms are it’s natural habitat. The wire system can be 200 watt or 150 watt dependent on your area. Please feel free to call us we would be delighted to advise you what you require.

Mat systems are easier to install in larger more rectangular areas like kitchens, where 160 watt floor warming mats are usually installed. Our 200 Watt mats are the same price and heat up quicker and produce more heat. Underfloor heating is incredibly effective and you’ll be amazed at how wonderful it feels underfoot.

In conservatories we recommend the 200 watt mat system. Maximum heat is required here due to heat loss because of the glass. If you want to use underfloor heating as the only form of heating, please contact us. We’re here to help you choose the perfect system.


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