Underfloor heating Thermostats

Now you have chosen your heating you need a thermostat to control your heating.

We have kept our range simple – from a state of the art echo voice controlled Wi-Fi thermostat, a programmable thermostat and a simple manual on/off. Our heating will work with any thermostat designed for use with underfloor heating.

Our programmable thermostats have an air and floor sensor. The floor sensor is used for floor warming & the air sensor for air warming when there are no other heating appliances in the room. If using your heating with a wooden floor you’d use the air temperature and set a maximum floor temperature of 27 degrees C.

Wi-Fi Echo voice

Warmtoes Wi-Fi thermostat

Echo voice control

7 day Program

Air and floor thermostatic sensors

Wi-Fi Echo voice controlled stat




Programmable touch

Warmtoes programmable thermostat

– 7 day Program

– Air and floor thermostatic sensors


7 Day Programmable thermostat




Manual on/off


Warmtoes manual thermostat


Manual on/off thermostat