About us – Underfloor heating HQ      

About us – Why should you buy underfloor heating from us?

Underfloor heating HQ was set up to take the guess work out of buying underfloor heating.  Other underfloor heating sites are very confusing, what should you buy? what is the difference in quality? why are some products cheaper?

We are here to help you make an educated decision.  Underfloor heating HQ have sourced the best quality products for our Warmtoes range. We are experts in electric underfloor heating and we want you to benefit from our experience.

The factories we buy from have been manufacturing heating products for many years. We have exported under floor heating globally  (including Canada, the U.S.A. And China).

About us (Management)

Here at Underfloor Heating HQ, we know underfloor heating as well as anyone in the world. Our modern factories have regular external safety and quality audits. We pride ourselves on our commitment to safety, quality and having a low carbon footprint. We are confident you will not find a better value for money underfloor heating package. We will match any deal you find elsewhere of a similar quality and match it and either deliver or point you to our local retailer for collection.

We know how well our products are made and that is why we offer a factory lifetime guarantee. We also offer a safety blanket warranty. This means if you cut your mat or wire we will repair it for you.

You can be 100% confident in Underfloor heating HQ and our products. Please have a browse around our shop. If you need help please call us.

Remember when you are comparing products always check the specification of the products. Our premium mats are 2mm thin. We have an earth screen. Our heating wire is single core for flexiblity.

If confused call us we never get tired of telling people how good our products are 0800 772 0752 

Our company is registered as Underfloor heating Hq Limited in the UK.

Underfloor heating Hq’s company number is: UK07803543

Our VAT registration number is: 141926124

Our 2mm thin HQ Pro range is the best value high quality underfloor heating on the market.