Underfloor heating cable installation

Plan where the under floor heating wire will go –

Underfloor heating cable installation is straight forward. Make sure you have ordered the correct sized kit before you install.

Underfloor heating cable installation

Start installing the wire once planning has been done.

Loose wire
  1. Read the full instruction manual – Warmtoes loose wire installation instructions 2019
  2. Make sure the floor is prepared ready for tiling
  3. Put down two layers of double sided adhesive tape at the start/ end
  4. Put some tape in middle of each run.
  5. Start to fit the wire pushing it into the tape.
  6. The tape will now hold the wire in place.
  7. Fit the sensor cable from the thermostat
  8. If you have any wires sticking up use the tape to hold down.
  9. We recommend you cover the wire with self levelling compound.
  10. Get a part P qualified electrician to make the connections.
  11. Now you lay your tiles using a good flexible adhesive.
  12. You need to wait two weeks before you turn your system on.
  13. This is to allow the adhesives to dry naturally.
  14. Enjoy your warm floor!

Underfloor heating wires are very easy to install. If you are not sure always call us.


Now program your thermostat:

Wi-Fi Echo voice