Conservatories are not just for the summer..

Underfloor heating in conservatories is a must. It turns s conservatory into a room you can enjoy the year round. For conservatory projects we recommend using our 200watt per m² mats.

To use Underfloor Heating HQ’s mats as a stand alone heating system use insulation boards. These boards are essential if there isn’t any insulation already installed. Another huge benefit of using our electric system in conservatories, is often an existing boiler may struggle to cope with the extra radiators. The cost of the underfloor heating will be far lower than a new boiler.

Our heating wires are only 2mm thin so they will not add any real additional height to your conservatory floor. Don’t leave the conservatories just for the summer. Use them all year round and enjoy the luxury of undertile heating.

If you are having a wooden or carpeted floor finish  look at our underwood and underlaminate heating kits.

Shop here for our 200 watt mats and choose your thermostat.

More detail about underfloor heating for your conservatory:

If having a new conservatory built make sure you have some form of insulation installed. This can go under the screed (concrete). The alternative is to have insulation boards fixed to the existing floor. The boards come in different thicknesses. The rule is the thicker the insulation the better.. For more information about insulation boards click this link.

If you have a switch meter that allows you cheap electricity over night/ early morning you can program the timer accordingly. This will allow you to take advantage of cheaper energy prices. Then the conservatory will just need topping up with heat.

In our opinion underfloor heating works far better in conservatories with tiles. Wooden floors take slightly longer to warm up. We’re here to offer you expert advice. If you’re not sure what to order please contact us: